North Eastern Railway to be 100% electrified by 2023

North Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways has currently electrified over 75% of its routes

Infrastructure    14-Jan-2022
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New Delhi, January 14: In a major development, the Railway Ministry stated that more than 75% section over North Eastern Railway has been electrified, and the zone will achieve 100% electrification by 2022. In 2021, the North Eastern Railway zone had commissioned several new projects.

These projects include gauge conversion of 47 kilometres which involves 4 km long Shahjahanpur, Shahbaznagar section and 43 km long Mailani – Shahgarh section, Doubling and Electrification of 101 km including 40 km long Aunrihar – Ghazipur City, 16.8 km long Sitapur – Parsendi, 14.6 km long Madhosingh – Gyanpur Road, 10.5 km long Ballia – Phaphna, 20 km long Aunrihar – Dhobhi and electrification of 406 kilometres.

According to ministry, train coach maintenance facilities have been established at Ghazipur and Ballia. Work on 6 ROBs are completed. Under passenger amenities, 24 escalators have been provided at 10 different railway stations. 22 lifts have been installed at eight different railway stations and Wi-Fi service has been provided in all 295 eligible railway stations.
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NER had implemented several safety measures to minimize unfortunate incidents. 75 Level Crossings have been eliminated by provision of RUB/LHS/ ROB and diversions. According to the ministry, all level crossing gates having over 50,000 total vehicle units (TVU), have been interlocked. In 2021, as many as 16 Level Crossing gates with TVU less than 50,000 have been interlocked. Also, track renewal of 78 km was carried out.