Vande Bharat Metro: A look into Vande Bharat-inspired metro for short-distance fast travel

Infrastructure    03-May-2024
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New Delhi, May 3: In yet another milestone in Indian Railways, a sneak peek of the new Vande Bharat Metro train, the latest offering by Indian Railways for short-distance intercity travel, was unveiled. Inspired by the Vande Bharat Express, the Vande Metro too offers several passenger comforts and world-class amenities. Indian Railways has said that the Vande Metro train will be ready for trials in July 2024.

Vande Bharat Metro

But what’s special about the new train? Here's a look at the top features of Vande Bharat Metro-

1. Vande Metro trains will have features superior to existing metro trains in the country. Similar to metro trains, the Vande Metro coaches will have the provision for seating and standing.

2. It will make use of faster acceleration and deceleration to run at a maximum operational speed of 130 kmph, much faster than the existing Mainline EMUs.

3. It will be fully air-conditioned. Like the Vande Bharat Express, Vande Metro will boast fully sealed gangways for easier movement between coaches and a dust-free environment.

4. It will have automatic entry and exit doors for passengers, mobile charging sockets, a KAVACH train anti-collision system, diffused lighting, route indicator displays, Wider panoramic sealed windows with roller blinds and more.

5. It will have a lightweight car body & lightweight cushioned seats of contemporary design. Each coach will have space for 100 passengers to sit and for 200 to stand. The new Vande Metro train will have either 12 or 16 coaches depending on the demand on the route

6. Reports suggest that Vande Metro trains will run on routes like Agra-Mathura, Delhi-Rewari, Lucknow-Kanpur, Tirupati-Chennai, and Bhubaneswar-Balasore.