CCEA approves FDI proposal of Rs. 15,000 cr to boost infra and construction sector

Infrastructure    26-Aug-2021
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New Delhi, August 26: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has now approved the FDI proposal for an investment costing Rs. 15,000 crores in Anchorage Infrastructure Investment. The FDI will also be making investments in the transport and logistics sectors along with downstream investment in the airport sector and aviation-related businesses.
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The investment also includes transfer of share of Bangalore International Airport to Anchorage Infrastructure, and investment of Rs. 950 crores in Anchorage Infrastructure Investment by 27,26,247 Ontariao Inc, a subsidiary of OAC which is the administrator of OMERS' (one of biggest defined benefit pension plans in Canada).
The investment will give a massive boost to not only infrastructure and construction sectors but also the airport sector. This investment validates Govt of India's plans to develop world-class airport and transport-related infrastructures through private partnerships.
It will also give speed to the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP), as it will be helpful to funding leasing out of state-owned infrastructure properties involving handling assets like roads, railways, airports, power transmission lines, gas pipelines to private operators, etc.
The investment will also help provide direct employments as the sector in which Anchorage Infrastructure Investment is offering to make downstream investments is a capital and employment intensive one. This investment will create indirect employment opportunities during construction and additional works.